How it's made

Here is a short description of our pottery process. As you will see it is a long and rigorous procedure hence the price and sometimes the waiting time.

Clay preparation: to remove air bubbles and make it more consistent, it is like kneading dough. Video

Throwing: we use a potter wheel to shape clay into symmetrical forms. Video

Drying: the piece has to dry so it can be trimmed, this can take 1-3 days depending on weather conditions

Trimming: to remove excess clay, smooth the surface and remove imperfections. Video

Decorating: this can vary piece by piece. Most of our pieces are handpainted, applying several layers. Shapes, forms and Pepitas are attached. This is the longest stage and can take up to 1-1.5 hours per piece. Video and Video

Drying: some more drying so it is bone-dry for the first firing

Bisque fire: the piece goes into the kiln for a 7-hour programme up to 1000°C.

Washing: after the kiln has cooled down, we take the piece and bath in clean water to get rid of any dust and debris. Video

Glazing: we apply the glaze by dipping the piece into a liquid. Video

Glaze fire: usually the last firing is up to 1250°C which takes around 8 hours 

Inspection: after cooling down we take the piece from the kiln and check if it is up to our standards

Packaging: every piece is shipped in carefully wrapped and sustainable packages so it gets to your home in one piece. Video