The perfect harmony between craft and design

handmade ceramics made with love.

Handmade ceramics how it's made

My name is Elena Ágata, and I’m a ceramist 

My name is Elena Agata and welcome to my new website. I am a Spanish potter and I am very excited to show you my work on this website. I mainly make functional and decorative household items such as mugs, bowls, plates etc. 

Pottery has been my passion for a few years now. I love creating new designs and shapes that bring joy to people’s lives. My mission is to create the highest quality and very unique products that stand out from mass produced, low-quality items.

Clay is a fascinating material that enables me to express my feelings, explore endless possibilities. Learning never ends, every day there is something new to experiment with, there is always a possible failure around the corner.

Come and join me in this adventure! 

My Philosophy

Creation, craftsmanship and colour

Create something special in your home. Uniquely crafted pieces lighten up your surroundings to make you feel better. Colours bring joy and happiness to your life.  


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