About Us

Elena & Ben 

Elena Ágata Ceramics was created by us – Elena and Ben – in 2017 in Toledo, Spain.  Our mission is to create unique, high-quality, functional ceramic pieces that are made by real people.

We started with a potter’s wheel in a kitchen and now, a few years later we opened our workshop in Madrid. 



Elena took her first pottery course in London and she fell in love with it.


We moved to Spain, bought a kiln, a potter’s wheel and we started making pots.



We uploaded our first pieces for sale to Etsy and waited for our first order. Eventually, it did come. And then some more came but pottery was still more like a hobby then something that we could live off. 


Elena created the original Pepitas design which is still our main style?? and best -selling pieces.




We set up our own webshop and we even had a photoshoot


A very big and stressful year for us: we moved to Madrid and rented a space to make our pieces there and to host classes and workshops. This was very exciting but quite challenging at the same time. 


We started hosting pottery classes 3 days a week and intensive, 1-day workshops on saturdays. And our students are very happy so we are too. Elena is the teacher


The story continous, we have great plans for the future so we will keep you posted…

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